Leonard Lee
Freelance Lighting Cameraman

07710 152636

After using an FS7 on a recent shoot, I was really impressed with the image quality and the camera overall. I had read all of the reviews when the camera came out and it was one of the cameras I was looking at as a potential upgrade but without any actual hands-on experience I was a little reluctant to take the plunge and buy one.

My recent experience has taken away any doubts that I may have had and I have bought the camera and kit lens, spare batteries and a Metabones Speedbooster adaptor so that I can use many of my 35mm prime lenses.

This set-up will give me the best of both worlds; because the kit lens is a zoom, the camera can be used in an ENG type shooting environment yet, because I can also use primes, I can also achieve a more traditional large sensor look.