Leonard Lee
Freelance Lighting Cameraman

07710 152636

I recently travelled to Benbecua in the Outer Hebrides for a three day shoot. I've never been to this part of the world before so I was really looking forward to it. 

Like most business trips, the most I saw of these beautiful islands was on the journey between the hotel and the location where we were filming. However, the little I did see from the window of the car was beautiful, even though the weather was cold, windy and overcast. Fortunately, we were shooting indoors so the elements were not a problem.

The main challenge on this shoot was the remoteness of the location. To actually get there you have to fly on a tiny plane for the last leg so I had to make sure that I travelled light enough to actually get on the aircraft but also with enough kit to ensure that I could do the shoot.

This is where my LED panel lights came in to their own. Everything; lights, stands, batteries and charger all packed in to one compact case that, luckily, fitted in to the hold of the aircraft.