Since turning freelance in 1997 I have gained extensive broadcast and corporate experience. I currently specialise in using large sensor cameras to obtain a cinematic, 35mm look.

Over the years I have undertaken a wide range of lighting camera work for both documentary and drama, not only here in the UK but also abroad and in a whole spectrum of situations. I've worked in all kinds of set-ups ranging from single camera ENG style location work, business premisses, studios, conferences and live PPU.

Naturally I am well versed in lighting and filming the usual interview and cutaway scenarios but I have also worked in a few 'challenging' situations such as 40 degree heat in the Congan jungle, minus 50 degrees up a Swiss mountain, jostled a sea of people in India, dodged wild bears and wolves in Transylvania, been buffeted around at 100 mph plus in powerboats in Miami and exposed to radiation in Chernobyl. After all of that, lighting and shooting in a conventional location is reasonably straightforward.
In addition to working with a full crew I also have considerable self-directing experience which means I am quite happy to go off on my own and return with a series of shots that you can be confident will cut together back in the edit suite. This has very often been the case in a news gathering/ corporate environment where time or budget has been a consideration.

Whatever your shooting needs, please get in touch to discuss how I can be of service.

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